How to animate textures and make mixed reality presentations pop with Fologram

Get the example: (441.2 KB)

This example shows how easy it is to create mixed reality animations using Fologram and Human UI for Grasshopper. This simple example is perfect for beginner grasshopper users wanting to spruce up their mixed reality presentations and models.

  1. Create a Fologram ‘Counter’ component with a timer
  2. Create a ‘Construct Point’ component and plug the output of the ‘Counter’ into the X & Y coordinates
  3. Create a ‘PlanarMapping’ component and plug your geometry, your previously constructed point and a slider into X & Y extents.
  4. Synchronize the ‘Mapped Mesh’ output in a ‘Sync Object’ component and apply a texture.
  5. Connect your device to your PC and run the timer!

The example will provide a live update of a texture moving in mixed reality. This is a great tool for animating textures such as skyboxes, water, grass or interactive signage. With a bit of creativity you could also parametrically link texture coordinates to mixed reality inputs like the position and orientation of your mobile phone or multi touch gestures on a screen.

Like this example? Try applying different textures and experimenting with the mapping parameters, or check out our article ‘The easiest way to assign textures in mixed reality using Fologram’ to learn more