How to draw voxel grids over physical space in augmented reality with Fologram

Get the example: (18.0 KB)

Make your own 3D voxel models entirely in augmented reality with this amazing creation tool. You can draw multiple voxels in 3D space to intuitively create anything. If you’re an intermediate user of Fologram and want to learn how to make amazing creation tools inside augmented reality, this is the perfect tool for you to get started with.

Voxel modelling in 3D programs with a mouse and commands can often be a counter intuitive process. Using Fologram’s tracking tools, this application makes the process much more natural, and allows a user to move around the 3D geometry at scale, with a clear preview of where the next voxel can be placed.

The example creates an invisible grid near the origin and tracks a live location of a connected device. A voxel outline appears in front of the device depending on its direction as a preview as to where a voxel can be placed. Tapping on the device will place the object in the previewed location, and the voxels can be cleared with a synchronized reset button in the Parameters menu on the device.

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