How to mimic what your device camera sees live in Rhino

Get the example: 2.55 (11.1 KB)
Get the Horster plugin:

Turn your Folgoram device into a virtual camera tethered live to Rhino with this super simple example. This example is a simple and highly effective way to utilize Fologram’s device tracking tools in a highly practical way, and is a perfect example for users who are just beginning to explore Fologram’s grasshopper toolkit.

Camera mimicry in Fologram

Fologram’s device tracking tools are simple yet powerful ways to capture device movement in the physical world and transfer this data to the digital. This example makes use of these features to link the Rhino viewport camera to what the Fologram device is seeing. Often when we try to understand our 3D models, there is a misunderstanding of scale through the god-like views in which we experience it in the software. This logic from this example could be extended to prove a great use case for assisting in setting up realistic 1:1 views of your design model, as your true experience of a model is captured and replicated in Rhino.

To use the example, you will need the Horster plugin for grasshopper installed. The example is very simple - it tracks the plane of your Fologram device, and re interprets this data to adjust the Rhino viewport love through the Horster ‘Set Camera’ component.

Like this example? Explore another great way to use the tracking data from your device in our ‘ Create portals to your Rhino model with Fologram’s occlusion tools’ article here.