How to place bricks correctly on the site

how can I use fologram to locate bricks on the site automatically,

I dont want to scale, rotate, and place bricks manually.
i want fologram to place the object in desired place instead of me

thank you in advance

Hi Ahmed,

Sounds like you’re looking for a way to precisely align your model in 3D space. The easiest way to do this in Fologram is to scan a QR placement code, which will automatically align your model in physical space.

Here is a QR placement code which will align to the origin point of your Rhino model: QR-Origin.pdf (102.3 KB)

Print it out at A4 (without any scaling - don’t shrink to fit!) and align the corner of the X and Y axis in physical space so it aligns with your Rhino model. On mobile, tap the Edit button then tap the Snap button to begin scanning for placement QR codes. On HoloLens, tap and hold to open the menu then tap Snap. Position the code within the camera frame on your screen and hold your head or phone steady until you get a confirmation message that your model has been placed. Avoid doing this in bright sunlight, or with shadows across the QR code that can interfere with tracking.

You can find more information (including information about how to create your own custom QR placement codes) here:

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thanks alot for this detailed explanation on how Fologram location tracking works, I will follow your recommendations and let you know if I encounter any issues.
thanks again.

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Not a problem Ahmed, let me know if you have any issues or questions, and welcome to our forum!

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