How to switch between Rhino models and views

Fologram works by synchronizing geometry in your Rhino document with those geometry on your connected mobile phone or HoloLens. This system simplifies common scenarios such as changing scenes, changing views, hiding parts of models or making changes to models.

Changing Scenes

After you have started Fologram for Rhino and connected your mobile or HoloLens, you can change models by simply opening the new model in the same Rhino window (File > Open). Fologram will detect these changes and update the model on the Hololens. Note that very large models may take a while to synchronize as geometry is streamed to your device.

Changing Views

To change your view of the model you can move your model relative to the location of your mobile or HoloLens. This can be done by moving, scaling or rotating the physical location of the construction plane in mixed reality (use the Edit menu in Fologram) or by modifying your model geometry in Rhino. These changes will immediately update for any connected devices.

Of course you can always walk around the hologram to change your view!

Showing and hiding parts of the model

You can use the Show and Hide commands in Rhino to show or hide objects in mixed reality. Changing layer visibility (either in Rhino or in the Layers panel in Fologram) will hide all objects on the layer. You can also delete objects from your Rhino scene to remove them in mixed reality.

Modifying your model

Any changes you make to your model in Rhino will be synchronized in mixed reality. Creating new geometry, editing existing geometry, changing materials or deleting objects will all synchronize. You can collaborate on modelling tasks by moving objects in mixed reality or adjusting sliders, toggles, buttons and lists in the Parameters panel.