How to use Grasshopper to quickly swap the scale of your AR presentation model

Get the Rhino file: 2.37_ScalePresentationModels.3dm (9.3 MB)
Get the Grasshopper example: (28.9 KB)

Change the scale of your presentation with one click with this simple Fologram application. You can easily shift from a dollhouse scale at 1:100 to a full 1:1 experience of your 3D model. If you’re an architect presenting large models, and are looking for an easy way to visualize your designs at a variety of scales, this is the perfect tool for you.

Architectural drawings are traditionally presented at a variety of different scales to describe a design. Fologram allows you to understand your designs in 3D space at different scales, and this tool makes swapping between scales easier than ever before.

The example references geometry from Rhino with materials applied, and scales them based on a Value List output. The output geometries and materials are then synchronized and sent to your device.

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