I can load an example model, but can't see my own model in mixed reality

Not being able to see a model on the Hololens or your mobile device is commonly caused by the scale or location of the model relative to the Rhino origin.

  1. Move your model to the Rhino origin (0,0,0). [on the desktop]
  2. Check the scale of your model. Very small models (<100mm) may be occluded by physical objects or difficult to see within the field of view of the HoloLens.
  3. Very large models (>10,000mm) may be occluded by physical objects like walls or floors. Try scaling these models down using the Fologram scale tool before scaling them up.
  4. Check to ensure your model isn’t behind you!
  5. Check to ensure you have applied opaque, non-black materials to your scene!
  6. Check your model is made of solid geometry
  7. Explode any blocks in the model.
  8. Mesh all NURBs geometry in the model using the Mesh command and the low quality preset. Very detailed geometry may take a long time to stream over WiFi.

See this article on setting up a model for mixed reality.

If these tests fail, try restarting the HoloLens/mobile device and Fologram and ensuring you can view an example model.

  1. Exit any open applications on the HoloLens
  2. Hold down the power button to turn off the device
  3. Turn the device back on and log in if necessary
  4. Start Fologram
  5. Restart Rhino and Fologram, and connect.
  6. Download an example model from the forum.
  7. Try adding some more geometry (e.g. a sphere or box) in Rhino and ensuring that these changes are reflected on the Hololens.

If you are still having trouble viewing your model, please submit a support ticket and attach your model file so we can identify the problem and get you back up and running.

I was wondering if there is a way of adding a model to the preset models in the fologram app to be able to use directly in the there directly without using rhino? Thanks!

Hi juanrcc,

You can save models to the app but you have to be running the model from Rhino initially. Go into model section on either the mobile/hololens and you can click save model. Please note while it copies the layers information, it doesn’t incorporate and grasshopper elements. Also note that if you are on the mobile, saving models is a premium feature and you need to be a subscriber to access. thanks nick