I can't interact with any buttons or menus on the HoloLens 1

If after launching Fologram you can see hand rays (dashed white lines extending from your hands) but cannot see the pointer (point at the end of the ray) or use this to interact with buttons and menus then you are likely working with a HoloLens with an out of date version of Windows. To solve this problem you will need to update to the latest Windows 10 OS on your device (2020 02b at the time of writing this post).

Updating from Settings
Exit from Fologram using the bloom gesture and close any purple Fologram tiles in your space. Make sure your Hololens is connected to the internet. Bloom to open the Windows Home menu and tap settings. Then go to Update & Security and tap Check for Updates. You will need to be patient while your device downloads and installs the latest version of Windows. The HoloLens will restart during this process. Sometimes you can hit error codes during the update process, in which case you will need to reset the device.

Resetting device to update
Resetting the device restores your HoloLens to factory settings and removes all locally stored data (including installed apps), so be sure to request permission from an administrator if this is a shared HoloLens. The process takes around 45 minutes so be sure you have your HoloLens plugged in and connected to the internet before performing the reset.

Bloom to open the Windows Home Menu and tap settings. Go to Update & Security -> Recovery and tap Reset Device. Follow the prompts to reset. When the device restarts you will need to log in to a microsoft account and connect to the internet, so be sure to have these account details handy. If needed you can always create a shared email address and sign up for a new microsoft account and use these details. Print this info off and fix it to your headset so others can use it again if another reset is required. Once the reset is finished, follow the steps above to download the latest update.

Reinstalling Fologram
Once you are on the latest Windows OS, you can open the Windows Store app from the Home Menu and search for Fologram. Fologram is a free download and you can log in with any microsoft account to download it. Tap install on the app to install it, then pin Fologram to the home screen and launch when prompted.

Verifying problem is solved
When Fologram is launched for the first time you will be prompted to accept camera and microphone permissions. Be sure to grant both of these. You should now be able to interact with buttons and menus as normal using the pointer at the end of your hand ray.

Problem still not solved? Let us know below.