Improving tracking by calibrating your device on Hololens 1 & Hololens 2

Holograms may jitter or appear at an incorrect depth if your HoloLens is not correctly calibrated for your interpupillary distance (IPD), additionally the Hololens 2 handtracking may also appear incorrect without the correct calibration. Simply put, your IPD is the measurement between your pupils, and depending on your device there are a couple of different ways to calibrate.

Hololens 2

The Hololens 2 has eye tracking technology to measure your IPD. The first time you use a headset it should detect you are a new user (unless the setting is turned off, in Settings > Calibration). Once it has, an option to calibrate the device will trigger. Please follow the instructions given, which should take around 90 seconds.

After that you are done! Each time you use that same headset again it should recognise your pupils, and automatically load your IPD settings.

You can manually relaunch the calibration app if you wish, which is accessed via Settings > Calibration on the headset.

Hololens 1

The Hololens 1 doesn’t have eye tracking technology, and in so calibration is a little different. You will need to launch the Calibration App to calculate it on the headset. After you have run the app you will be able to see your IPD via the Device Portal (See our Beginner’s Guide or Advanced Help) on the System > Preferences page.

Once you have your IPD, you can manually change the IPD on a headset to yours by logging into the Device Portal, and going to the System > Preferences page.

Your perception of holograms also improves with a comfortable and well fitted device. If you are feeling some discomfort from the weight of the HoloLens on your nose try the following:

  1. Adjust the headstrap so that it fits firmly around your forehead and takes the weight of the headset
  2. Slide the headset so that it sits just above your nose
  3. Try replacing the nose bridge on the device (there are two sizes)
  4. Contact lenses can be more comfortable for extended use that wearing glasses with the Hololens.

Both headsets

Microsoft has further information on Calibration