In the mobile app it seems that the camera is not working

Hello everybody!

I downloaded the mobile app on a galaxy S8 and downloaded fologram for Rhino6. After installing the app on my mobile phone and giving permission to use my camera it seems like if the “camera doesn’t work”. As you can see in the screenshot in fact there’s the classic frame useful to catch a qrcode but the background remains purple. Could you please help me with that? Thank you in advance


Hey @gabmat

The Galaxy S8 is on the list of supported devices for ARCore ( so you shouldn’t have an issue running Fologram.

Can you make sure you are running the latest Android, that Google Play Services for AR is installed and up to date, and the Fologram for Mobile app is also up to date?

Can you also check that something hasn’t gone wrong with Camera permissions in your Fologram App Settings:

It might also be worth giving your phone the old restart.

Let us know if that solves the issue.

Hi @Gwyll

I updated the Android version of my phone and now it looks like the problem is fixed.

Thanks for your feedback.