Interactive buttons


I was wondering how I could go about creating some type of UI or interactive button as an alternative to using the parameters menu? I have created an application using a value list and state gate where users can view 4 different scenarios and this works extremely well, but selecting the scenarios in the HoloLens2 can be tricky when demoing to new users.

Also, I have noticed that I can only use the value list for 4 different scenarios and it won’t work with 5 not sure if anyone else had that issue?

Keen to hear your thoughts.

Hi @anthony

If you send me your definition I can check out the issue with the <=4 options in the value list.

You can make buttons from geometry in Fologram e.g. Track tapping and changing state of model - #3 by Gwyll. So for instance you could create five buttons and tapping on any one of these would load your chosen scenario.

How exactly would you like to improve / change the UI? Perhaps I can mock something up for you.