Interactively extrude any curves or surface geometries in augmented reality with Fologram

Get the example: 2.29_Extrude (7.7 KB)

Extrude geometries in AR at custom directions with a simple drag gesture in your HoloLens or mobile device.This is the perfect tool for beginner users of Fologram who want to create simple modelling tools by harnessing the power of Fologram’s ‘moveable’ objects.

Sometimes it is easier to transform a geometry by creating a handle or widget, and then apply this transformation to the geometry. Fologram’s ‘moveable’ option in the Sync Objects component can be used to apply transformations to other pieces of geometry.

This tool works by creating floating ‘widgets’ (visualized as red boxes near your input geometry) set as ‘moveable’ objects in Fologram. Whenever these objects are moved, a vector is created between their starting point and location, and this transformation is applied as an extrusion to the base geometry.

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