Jordan Scheuermann

FologramWeek04.pdf (1.5 MB)

Hey @JordanScheuermann

Great job with the case study, I think you’re spot on in identifying that small variations in the already very similar parts would be very jarring. I also like your suggestion of fabricating parts in-situ in order to make small adjustments to the design during fabrication to ‘spread’ this error out and reduce its impact. You should have a think about how to deal with your design reading as random noise in terms of the changes you have proposed:

  1. It’s a good idea to introduce more variation into the shape and form of the parts in the design so that small mistakes aren’t so apparent. The goal is to introduce these small variations while still allowing larger scale effects to work: e.g. in the case study there is the suggestion of surface and enclosure from the spacing of the bars - can you still capture these effects?
  2. It’s a very strong design move to have two very different systems generating the design: the orderly, repeating bars of the external frame and the disorderly, non-uniform distribution of bars on the interior. Would it be possible to create a transition between the two?

Can you post a video clip of your fabrication app in action? How did you go with this task?