Kangaroo Grab through Fologram

Hi there,

Amazing work on the new version, forum, demos… Really excited to get stuck into this again!

Is there are way to interact with the ‘Grab’ functionality in Kangaroo simulations using the Hololens? I tried using a ‘Global’ but it cant handle the recursion.


20200713 boxes_mechanism.gh (20.7 KB)

Hi @mathias, hope you’ve been well! Unfortunately Fologram’s interaction tools (ie with the Sync Object component) won’t work in conjunction with the Grab tool in Kangaroo, as the Sync Object component doesn’t give a live movement of your AR transformation, but rather an A to B transform once you let go of an object in your device.

You may potentially be able to set something up in a recursive loop with the Kangaroo Step Solver, but I’m not sure it would be as effective as the simulation in Kangaroo. I’ll have a think about what might be the best approach and get back to you. There are other ways to integrate the Sync Object in Kangaroo, maybe check out this demo which uses Rigid Body collisions.

Thanks @Sean! I had a feeling this might be tricky.

I did check a lot of the recent Kangaroo examples to see whether there is something to build from. I think a Zombie solver in a loop should work, but the user experience might be quite different.

For this particular project, I have another idea to make this work without the need for ‘Grab’.

I’ll keep you posted.

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Was just trying to achieve the same thing! please keep us posted if you come up with a solution :slight_smile:

DynamicTransform.gh (15.8 KB)

Hey @mathias and @kerbs here is a definition that lets you move grasshopper geometry around dynamically. It works using the center points of of some spheres, but you could easily replace this with the center points of any objects. You should be able to use these moving points as inputs to things like kangaroo.