Kovarthini Sekar

Kovarthini_Sekar.pdf (2.1 MB)

Hey @KovarthiniS thanks for sharing.

You’ve done a great job modelling from the precedent project, well done. How did you go creating the fabrication app? It would be great if you could share a video of your app in action and I’m curious to hear your thoughts about the kind of fabrication instructions that would be required to fabricate, assemble and install a structure like this.

  1. Could each of the modules be created by hand (no lasercutting)? What sort of holographic guide would you need to make them?
  2. How would the design need to change to accommodate the inaccuracy of the fabrication process? Is there any reason that modules need to be so self-similar if they are all made by hand? E.g. you wouldn’t be limited by the bed size of a lasercutter…
  3. Could the structure take its form just from the strength of the parts, or does it act more like a fabric and take its form during hanging / installation? It would certainly be useful to have a holographic guide showing the lengths of each of the suspension cables, and / or the expected final form of the installation.