Learn to create animated diagrams in augmented reality with Fologram

Get the example: 2.27_BarcelonaExplodedAxonometric.gh (628.6 KB)

You can use Fologram to switch layers in your model on and off to reveal interior spaces or show services. This tool takes this idea to the next level by animating elements of the Barcelona Pavilion (By Chris McAdams). to reveal them individually. This is a great tool for designers to show off all parts of their model whilst presenting to clients, or discussing ideas with design teams. To use this model, simply insert your own geometry into the grasshopper definition and connect your device to view in augmented reality.

Augmented reality can be used to create spatial diagrams that contain much more information than traditional 2D diagrams and plans.Want more helpful AR presentation tips? Check out our article ‘4 super helpful hints for preparing the perfect presentation model in augmented reality with Fologram’ to learn how to make the perfect presentation model in augmented reality.