Make a mixed reality physics simulation with Fologram in 5 simple steps

Get the example: (24.7 KB)

Watch in wonder as you control how your canopy billows through the wind live in mixed reality with Fologram. Designers and educational users will be instantly drawn to this grasshopper tool that teaches you how to control Kangaroo physics simulations through a mixed reality interface. Create it yourself in these 5 simple steps:

  1. Setup your input mesh geometry in grasshopper
  2. Add the following Kangaroo physics behaviors: Anchor Points (to control the stationary parts of your design), Edge Lengths (to control how stretchy your design is), Vertex Loads (to add gravity affects), Wind (to make your canopy blow in the wind) and Show (to show your mesh geometry in the simulation)
  3. Add parameters to the Edge Length, Vertex Loads and Wind behaviors and synchronize the parameters of each of your inputs with the Fologram ‘Sync Parameters’ component
  4. Merge each these physics behaviors in a Kangaroo Solver
  5. Synchronize the output Mesh with your device through a Fologram ‘Sync Object’ component

In the parameters panel on your connected device, you now have total control over the physics simulation in mixed reality. Try changing the parameters and watch it update live, or even add new parameters to create designs just like MCR’s Monument Park.

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