Make your own virtual reality Spray Paint tool in the Oculus Quest

Get the example: 2.50_Spray (22.0 KB)

Use the rotational data from your Oculus Quest controller to spray paint any mesh geometry in Grasshopper. This is a great example for those with experience using the Fologram toolkit in Grasshopper, and are looking to find ways to harness some of the powerful features of their Oculus Quest as a design tool.

Grasshopper is primarily used as an A to B algorithmic tool, however Folgoram’s motion capture and global variable components allow us to create event based modelling definitions, meaning we can create updates and loops based on interactions and gestures. This example makes use of these features by creating a tool that can simulate and experiment with a painting process in VR that would not normally be possible in Grasshopper.

Spray painting a motorcycle in VR with Fologram

This example deconstructs a mesh geometry, and measures any vertex within a close proximity of any detected Oculus Quest controllers. Any vertex within a certain distance is assigned a colour value, which updates live in the displayed mesh. A spray cone and sphere is used to provide visual feedback as to where a user is currently aiming their painting tool. The example synchronises grasshopper parameters to your Oculus Quest to give control over the size and colour of your painting tool.

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