Mobile App scope of use


I am planning to use AR tools for an oncoming elective class next semester. I was checking Fologram mobile app but I wanted to know what is the scope of use and applications(e.g. fabrication, visualization) of the mobile app(since I want students to use it on their own phones).

I would like to use it for a basic fabrication parametric system on a wall. Is it possible to use the mobile app for anything related to fabrication?

Hi @Seg
Quite a few people have tried using the mobile app for fabrication e.g. The Hyphae House and the Paperless Worksite or Nodeless Network Workshop reduces costs for space frame structures with Fologram) so it is possible.

That said there are a few challenges to take into consideration if you’re planning on using the phone for fabrication:

a) it is hard to judge depth (and the 3D position of objects) correctly on a flat display
b) the position of virtual objects in physical space is unreliable and
c) one hand has to hold the phone which limits a lot of fabrication tasks.

So you might want to think about keeping things mostly 2D (e.g. painting on a wall or floor, setout on a wall or floor, or building things up in layers). Or thinking about assembly applications where precision comes from parts (e.g. they are CNC cut) and the AR app only needs to roughly show you which part goes where. Or thinking about fabrication tasks that can be completed one handed.

For all of these reasons we always use the HoloLens for fabrication, though I understand these aren’t always accessible.