Modelling Fabrication Constraints

Some of you may (especially the masterclass group @German_diaz04 @Charite @Sunny ) be interested in explicitly designing for the constraints of a given fabrication process.

201019 Kangaroo Cloth and Curve (17.5 KB)
Here is a definition that illustrates two different kinds of design constraints.

a) working with physics solvers to constrain the degree to which curves can bend (in this case using a simulated sheet)
b) using the simplify curve tool to rationalize small bends to straight line segments
c) using the fillet tool to illustrate how parts will look if bent with a die of the given (fillet) radius.

If you are in the seminar - you should take care to use these tools in service to any existing design work - you shouldn’t just start generating new projects in kangaroo. However, if you are in the masterclass group then this is a great, simple way to generate some designs.

You should also treat this tool as a guide - it is useful for roughing out geometry but you will probably want to manually edit it in rhino before fabrication. You can use the warp-weft of the surface to create ‘joints’ as a weave, but it would be interesting to explore other ways of joining parts in the design (e.g. through bundling).

You could also use the polyarc component (rather than the polyline + fillet components in this definition) to explore the idea of parts that are made from section rolled curves of uniform radii.