Parametric Steel fabrication with the HoloLens in Mexico

Djordje Stanojevic has lead one of IAAC’s international summer school studios at CEDIM in Mexico where students explored designing and making a canopy structure from powder coated steel. The HoloLens and Fologram was used to mark out the unique cut and fold patterns for each part in the structure, and to check against digital models during fabrication. The team has edited together a really nice showreel showing the process and outcome.

The project is a great reference for how structures consisting of parts with many slight variations can be fabricated and assembled easily in mixed reality. It also provides a few ideas for how to use holographic templates with common power tools to simplify the need for shop drawings or CAD/CAM equipment, and clearly demonstrates how students can be engaged with a mixed reality design process. The full project can be found on Djordje’s site.