Preview objects with gradient

I am trying to preview objects in Fologram with a gradient but as the ‘custom preview’ component doesn’t have an output I can’t connect it to the SyncObject… When I use ‘mesh colors’ it doesn’t give me the effect I want, is there anything I can try?

I am attaching pictures as reference, thanks in advance!

Hi @mmervepehlivan can you share your grasshopper definition and I can see if I can get mesh colours working for you? This is going to be the most efficient way to create this effect with Fologram, I suspect. Alternatively if your gradient is always applied as a projection then you could easily create a material with a gradient image as the diffuse texture and use Human UIs texture mapping to apply planar mapping to the object?

Hi @Gwyll , first of all thank you for the fast reply!
I haven’t used Human UI before but I can take a look at that if you think it is the way to go…
I am sharing the script, let me know if you can get it to work :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!
lovers (140.9 KB)

Hi @mmervepehlivan this seems to work OK to me assigning vertex colours to the mesh and synchronizing this with Fologram.

lovers (129.9 KB)

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