Problems with drifting on Hololens 2


I am having some problems with my model drifting and looking for any suggestions on how I may improve this. The current work area consists of a stationary box with the QR code placed directly to the right. As seen in the screenshot below, alignment can sometimes be around 1 inch off, most noticeable in the Y axis.

The white dash line is suppose to line with the interior edges of box. The green is the level of sand. Red is where to place material.

I am placing sand inside the box as I apply a material on top. I repeat this until the box is filled and sometimes add another box on top to allow for more height. I am worried that the constant height change of the sand may be reducing the accuracy of the Hololens tracking while I work. As I am going layer by layer, it is important that everything stays aligned as I am using a curve as a guide on where to place the material.

I have tried to rescan the QR code every few layers but that doesn’t seem to completely solve my problem.

Any suggestions would help a lot, thanks!

Hi @Juan1

You can try following best practice for reducing drift on the HoloLens and see if this improves things at all - see these tips Steps you can follow to improve hologram precision. Reflective, moving and black objects will all negatively affect drift so if you can remove these from your workspace, do.

Specifically, ensure the HoloLens is calibrated for your eyes and try fixing some printed pattern to your workspace on the walls / workbench to give the HoloLens something to track from. Then follow the steps to Remove All Holograms and clear your tracking data. Then try walking around the space for 5 minutes before placing your model and continuing construction.

If you’re still experiencing drift then you can either try moving to a different workspace or try using Twinbuild. We’re including Twinbuild with Fologram subscriptions for art and educational clients at the moment so if this is you send an email and we will sort you out with a license.