Problems with Fologram on a Samsung Galaxy S10e

Hello, I´m using fologram for the first time and got some Problems I can´t fix. I want to build a Model and use my Smartphone and fologram for producing the parts and putting them in the right place, but i got some issues which make it impossible to use:

  1. It just looses Connection when I cover the lens of my camera, after moving it or after a time and it has to be reconnected to my PC, very annoying if it happens every 40 seconds.

  2. The App is lagging a lot (even after reducing the mesh) and objects are floating when I move around my smartphone, and they don´t stay in Position or scale, its not possible to work precise because the digital objects never fit to the “real” material.

  3. The direction of the model changes all the time when fologram snapped on the QR Code, so I have to snap every time it looses connection a few times, until the direction fits.

Is the Hardware in my smartphone to bad or am I doing something wrong?
Thank you for any answers,


Hi there, and welcome to the Fologram Community. I’ll answer each of your points one by one to hopefully solve a few of your issues:

  1. Could you elaborate a little further on what you mean when you say ‘loses connection’ - are you talking about the live connection between your mobile device and your Rhino model, or just the tracking of surfaces on your device causing the holograms to drift? If you mean the live connection, this could be caused by a poor wifi connection, but it would be good to get more information about your problem

  2. What geometry are you trying to send to Fologram? How many polygons/triangles are you sending, and how large are the material texture files on the geometry? A screenshot of the project you are attempting to send would be helpful. When sending models for any AR application, it is important to prepare your file for AR before using, and you can find more in depth tips here.

  3. When you say ‘the direction changes all the time’, do you mean what when you snap to a QR code the hologram aligns differently each time you snap, or are you talking about drift/movement of holograms occurring frequently? We have a troubleshooting guide for improving tracking for the HoloLens, however most of the principles are the same for mobile.

Generally speaking, I should point out that using a mobile device for accurate fabrication and assembly tasks with Fologram will cause issues, due to the camera tracking being much less accurate compared to the HoloLens, which means you will experience frequent drift of your holograms (especially if you’re constantly picking up/putting your mobile down). The mobile application will also not allow you the depth perception needed to accurately place objects in space that you will experience with the HoloLens.

If you could provide a little more information around the questions I’ve asked above that would be great,

Hi Sean, thank you for the fast answer.

  1. When I say it looses connection i mean, that the live connection between my smartphone and Rhino is interrupted. Maybe it could be the bad WiF, but i can´t really test it and it still does not explain the interruption when i cover the lens of the Camera.

  2. There are not material texture files, and my object has about 20 triangles, I will put an image of the object in its environment

  3. Yes the Hologram aligns in different positions, rotated by 90°. No.2 is about the drift and movement.

I know that using a smartphone is not the best way for accurate digital fabrication, I´m just trying out the app.