QR codes to label parts

Hello! I wanted to know if it was possible to label different parts of a single large fabrication model with QR codes? If so how would you suggest I do it?


Hey @1aaviles

Step 1 would be to generate all of the QR codes that you want for your parts. You can do this using qr.fologram.com and automatically assign code data from Grasshopper using a definition like the one here:

Create QR Codes.gh (7.0 KB)

Then once you’ve printed off the codes and physically attached them to your parts you can decide what you want to do with the tracking logic. I presume you want to do something like scan a code and then display where the part is supposed to be installed in a structure. For that you could use:

Detect QR Codes and Display Part.gh (22.3 KB)

The main gotcha here is a) QR codes with simple data e.g. “Part 1” need to have trailing white space in them to generate codes that can be tracked in Fologram and b) don’t forget to enable QR code tracking in Fologram!


Great. Is there any difference in using QR codes vs. Aruco markers for this type of thing?

Right now, Aruco Markers are slightly easier to detect but can only encode integer IDs from 0 to 99.

In the next release of Fologram we’ve improved how we detect and track QR codes so that this is now faster than tracking aruco markers. We’re planning to discontinue supporting Aruco Marker tracking so I would suggest working with QR codes exclusively if you can.