QR Marker with Large 3D model


I really appreciate your project of fologram. It works well on our project.
We faced on one problem. When we use QR Marker to share location of model with some iPad tablets, it works well with small 3D model , but large 3D model such as covering screen fully. Is that related to screen occupancy of 3D model ?

Hey @Noi

It sounds like you’re looking at a model at 1:1 and some part of the geometry is so large that it is completely filling the screen of the iPad. Have you double checked that the model is at the correct scale and that you aren’t standing very close or inside a surface in your model?

That is good answer for our problem. We can use QR marker outside a surface in our model.Thanks. And we found that we can use fologram easily with more precise calibration. So, iPad Pro with LiDAR is more comfortable to use. But now we still has some problem related to sync material, so ask you in another topic.