Quickly isosurface any curves in mixed reality with Fologram

Get the example: 2.18_ChromodorisSyncParameters.gh (20.1 KB)
Get the Chromodoris Plugin: Chromodoris on Food4Rhino

This super swift isosurfacing tool harnesses the power of the Chromodoris plugin for grasshopper and gives you total control over meshes in mixed reality. If you haven’t worked with isosurfaces in grasshopper before then this is likely to be impressive in it’s own right and even complete beginners will find they can work with the example once they are familiar with concepts of voxels and marching cubes.

To use the tool in mixed reality, open the Parameters panel and then adjust the slider values to see the isosurface mesh updates live on your device.

Try combining this tool with other mixed reality modelling tools to maximize its potential, such as curve drawing tools for markups, or interactive point clouds for form manipulation and design.

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