Reorder parameters in the parameter menu?

:slight_smile: is there a way to control the order that the parameters appear in the parameter menu… my ocd is kicking in and Id like to set the sequence of the parameters so they make sense. danke

Haha - @kerbs the parameters appear in the list in the order that they are synced on in Grasshopper. So you can reorder them by un-syncing all of them and then selectively syncing them in the order you want them to appear.

Thanks Gwyll for all the advice.
I have some boolean parameters which enable other parameter options in the menu and I cant seem to get them to all sort properly even when I unsync and reorder them. I sync them in the order i want but I think as some show up after other parameters enable them the order gets confused…

Could the parameter menu be arranged alphabetically so we can set a more intentionally ordered sequence?

Hi Ethan,

I’ve just had a quick play and you’re right, it isn’t as simple as turning parameters on/off to reorder them in a specific way. I’ll add this one as a feature request too.