Retrieving finger joints for the latest beta release

Hi guys, really enjoy the latest beta release. But our team encounter some issue while updating our grasshopper script. In the previous version, we can easily track and retrieve finger joints through the “track hand” function. But we can only track middle of our palm using the latest beta release. However, we can still manage to see all the finger joints in the latest beta release. I just wondering if there is any work around to retrieve the individual finger joint?

Hi @WeiWin_Loy
Thanks for trying out the beta and we appreciate the feedback!

You can retrieve the individual points by deconstructing the hand (treating it as a point cloud)

We’re also planning to test some deconstruct components which would also tell you more information, like left/right, so stay tuned!


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Hi Cam, Thanks for the speedy reply. That’s awesome. It works looking forward to see many great things from your team =). Cheers

Hi @Cam

Just wondering, if I changed the “Updates” to “presses”. does it mean hololens only will pick up my finger joints once I pinched? Similar to what fologram offered in the previous version. [Sorry I know it’s a dump question]


Hi @WeiWin_Loy
Not a silly question at all - we have had a few comments that this part of the new Fologram is confusing and we’re working on making it a bit simpler / clearer - you’ll notice some changes here in the next few updates.

In the meantime, you’ll be looking for when “Hand Ray | Touch Ray” and “Presses” or “Taps”


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Hi @Cam,

I can report that this work marvelously from my end, just get confuse about “Hand” and “Hand Ray”, but all work well in the end.

Thanks again. Cheers.