Retrieving pointcloud data from HL2 (Beta Release)

Hello team,

I am currently experimenting with low-fidelity scanning using meshes and high-fidelity scanning using point clouds. However, I am facing some challenges with the “get pointcloud” feature. While my model can successfully capture the mesh, it is unable to pick up the point cloud data. I have tried toggling between various interaction modes, but it seems that the point cloud functionality only works with “updates.”

Could you kindly provide me with some documentation or guidance on how to set up and use the “get pointcloud” feature effectively? I’m eager to explore the capabilities of point clouds.

Thank you so much for the assistance. Cheers.

Hi @WeiWin_Loy

The Get Points component should update with Points → Updates.

You will need to enable research mode on the HoloLens before you can stream depth data to Grasshopper, see these docs for how to do so:

We’re in the process of updating our documentation though this lags behind the actual development of the grasshopper components that are still being planned. You can find the docs for the beta features here: (they have been updated in the last 24 hrs).


Hi @Gwyll,

I’ve tested it out and can confirm it works. The problem arose due to the research mode not being enabled yet. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if the team requires a beta release tester or if you’d like assistance with the documentation. I’m more than happy to help out. Looking forward to more great things from your team. Cheers!

Kind regards

Hi @WeiWin_Loy

That would be fantastic! Can you please shoot us an email at and we will be in touch.