Rhino Model is not snapping to QR code correctly

I have been working with a rhino model to place my 3D model relative to the QR code i have in Rhino. Each time I try to snap to the QR Code, the model comes in at different orientations and not as it is shown in rhino space. I could snap to the QR code three different times and the model would show up in 3 different orientations. I set the QR code to the origin and my model accordingly. I am not sure why the snapping would be off, but I have tried it with multiple Hololens 2s and the same thing happened. Is there something wrong with my rhino model placement? Or is there a calibration I can do to get better placement accuracy? The same thing happened with the app on my Iphone and Ipad.

Hi @tv3ku

Is Fologram up to date on the Hololens / Mobile / Rhino? There was a bug at one point where QR codes that were created with a negative Z axis were not snapping correctly. Here is a placement QR code created at the origin with +ve X, Y and Z axes - print this off and see if it works and if it does either use this or create a new placement marker and ensure the axes are +ve. QR.pdf (100.8 KB)