Roso Coop uses Fologram with a robotic arm to form flexible molds for 3D printing

The Dynamic Molding workshop at Roso Coop focuses on forming flexible material systems as molds for 3D printing through a collaboration between a robotic arm and AR technology with Fologram. The final project is a 3D printed column structure measuring approximately 2.5 meters by 1.5 metres.

The project forms a mold through the manipulation of a flexible material with a robotic arm. It is difficult to predict material behavior in the process to form the exact surface from the 3D model, so Fologram is used as a low tech scanner to create a digital twin of the physical. This twin is calculated by scanning a series of evenly placed Aruco markers along the surface , which are referenced into a 3D modelling software to recreate the surface. To see more about this project, check out this video describing the workshop.