Scaling QR Code

I have a model with a variety of objects which are modelled in [meters] (about 100 m x 100 m large). Till now, I scaled the AR model with the Fologram scaling option and placed it manually. But now I wanted to fix the model with a QR code. Is there a way to scale the QR code in Rhino or to scale the model while it is still attached to a QR code? The problem is, that I cannot scale the model itself in Rhino since it depends on parameters in Grasshopper and this would distort the model.
Thank you very much in advance!

Hi @MalteAC
You can scale the model in three ways:

  1. Scaling the Rhino/GH geometry
  2. Scaling on the device (going into placement/edit mode and pinching on mobile, or dragging the scale slider on HoloLens)
  3. Scaling in Rhino using the scale field in the Fologram for Rhino tab (see image).

(2) or (3) would seem appropriate in your case, and they will scale about the Rhino origin. If you’re using a QR-code that is at 0,0,0 this should have the desired effect.