Sharing AR models on Online calls


I want to ask if there is a way how can multiple people on Zoom/Skype call access and see the same project through Fologram and interact with it. What I have in mind I’d like to share a model with others in my online class, so they can see for themselves and so we can all interact with different parameters in real time. Basically the same thing that Fologram can do now, just because of the covid and online classes we cannot be on the same wifi. Is there a way?

Edit: Also one more question. Is Fologram coming to Oculus Quest 2?

Thank you!


Hi @Bako_ko

Yes Fologram runs on the Quest 2. You can sign up for a trial on

Thanks for sharing this remote collaboration idea. We’re working on something pretty similar at the moment, basically a zoom call in augmented reality. Would you be interested in becoming an alpha tester for this app?

In the meantime, you can use Fologram remotely by running Rhino in the cloud using a service like Paperspace. To do this:

Create a VM on Paperspace:

  • Create a Paperspace account

  • Go to Core to create a Windows virtual machine. We typically work with the low end dedicated GPU machine - but it really depends on your use case.

  • Leave all settings (except for Auto shutdown, change this to 1 hour as it’s easy to forget you have a machine on and drain all your cash) as is and check ‘Public IP’. You will need this to connect your hololens / mobile to Fologram running in the cloud.

  • Click ‘Create Your Paperspace’ to generate a machine instance

  • Once the machine has been provisioned, go to Public IPs in the paperspace console to view your assigned public IP address.

  • Create a custom QR code with this public IP address using QR code Monkey or some other online QR code generator. (try and make the QR code as large as possible) with the following information: {“ProtVer”:“2”,“DocVer”:“1”,“NetVer”:“0”,“IP”:“ENTER PUBLIC IP ADDRESS HERE”,“Port”:“9090”,“Session”:“0”}

  • Share this QR code with whoever you want to connect to Fologram.

In your paperspace virtual machine:

  • Install Rhino 6 evaluation
  • Install Fologram for Rhino plugin
  • Install any Grasshopper plugins you want to use
  • Startup Rhino & press the Play button at the bottom right of the Fologram panel to run a live session

To connect an Oculus Quest:

  • On the startup screen for the Quest, select Enter a custom IP, and enter the Public IP address of your machine and hit connect

To connect a HoloLens or Mobile device:

  • Scan the custom QR code you have created

Thank you so much for such extended and detailed answer! I will try the paperspace technique right away!

Happy to hear the Fologram will be on Oculus Quest 2, I just ordered mine, so soon I will try it out!

The zoom call in augmented reality seems absolutely as the thing I’m interested in. I’d be happy to be youtralpha tester (you can hit me up with detail at

I have followed your instructions, everything went well except the last step. When I, or someone else scans the QR code only thing that shows, is the line of code with the public IP address. Specifically : {“ProtVer”:“2”,“DocVer”:“1”,“NetVer”:“0”,“IP”:" ",“Port”:“9090”,“Session”:“0”}

Do I scan it just with some qr scanner app, not the Fologram (I’ve tried that too and nothing happends)?

Justo to be sure I’ve attached also the code.

qr-code_paperspace_2.pdf (63.5 KB)

Hey @Bako_ko - can you try it without the spaces around the IP address:


You scan this code with the Fologram app to connect - it essentially replaces the connection code that is generated from Rhino.