Snap to QR for the latest beta release

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I’m currently exploring the latest beta release, and I must say, I’m really enjoying it so far. We have an upcoming project that requires overlaying the virtual model on top of the physical model to check the accuracy of our fabricated pieces. However, I can’t seem to find the ‘snap to QR code’ function in this version. I’m wondering if there is any workaround to address this issue. Maybe I’m missing something entirely. I truly appreciate all the help that I can get.

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Hi @WeiWin_Loy
The new command to use in rhino is XRMarker. Choose a coordinate for the marker and enter an ID/unique label. Print them with the XRMarker command, too.

Markers are automatically detected on device - you no longer need to manually switch this on.

When one marker is used, the edges of the marker are used as the X and Y axis. When multiple markers are used, the orientation is inferred from their location.

Let me know if that helps!



Hello Cam, I gave this ago yesterday, and it worked amazingly well. Thank you for the speedy respond.

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