Steam bending in mixed reality for Design Philadelphia

Fologram teamed up with James Pazzi (AirBnb), Andrew Wit, Christopher McAdams and Tim Rusterholz (all from Tyler School of Art and Architecture) to build a large scale prototype from steam bent timber.

The team developed an array of techniques that were later revised and redeployed in the construction of the Steampunk Pavilion in Tallinn later that year. These included the idea to work with a false floor to attach adaptable formwork for shaping each of the unique timber elements in the structure, the use of polymer bags to reduce steaming time and cost, a system for modelling and documenting simple C and Z shaped brackets for spacing timber, and a method for assembling pairs of timber elements to reduce springback.

The team at Temple plan to continue developing inter-disciplinary fabrication projects in mixed reality.

You can read the paper we published on the prototype on research gate: