Students at HTWK Leipzig construct timber plywood furniture using Fologram

A team of students led by Professor Alexander Stahr at HTWK Leipzig have fabricated a piece of plywood furniture using Fologram with the HoloLens. The 16 students began by algorithmically designing a series of plywood lamella lamps using a CNC machine, before switching their approach to AR for a larger piece of timber furniture.

Rather than using CNC machines to process the plywood material, the project let students use intuition with Fologram to project holographic guides over the sheets to mark out the free-form slices. After setting the parameters in grasshopper, the digital data was adaptively transferred to the plywood panels using the HoloLens and then cut out. This eliminates the additional and time-consuming steps associated with complex fabrication machines, such as the preparation of implementation plans, the dimensioning of complex shapes and the programming of milling paths. You can read more about the project here.