Tanya Jhaveri Task 1 & 2

I chose the topic of stacked bricks


This sculpture can be done easily with cardboard sheets. In the way egg-crates are made. This can be constructed very easily.

Hey @TanyaJhaveri

Thanks for sharing the precedent research into stacked structures.

I think the Marte Johnslien project is a very useful starting point for a mixed reality fabrication approach to stacked steel plate structures - where you essentially have very simple tack welded joints between arbitrarily positioned and oriented plates. It would eliminate the need for lasercut / notched joints all together and enable you to produce structures with a lot more formal variation than in your case study. There are a bunch of interesting ideas / opportunities to extend this:

  1. Could the stacking become non-planar? E.g. could you create something like a vault from these stacked steel sheets?
  2. You could potentially think about stacking strips to minimize the number of components and joints - imagine if each layer of steel components was a single, continuous piece of folded or curved sheet. This could create a pretty unique design language from very simple parts.
  3. How would the design need to respond to small errors in how the components are placed? How could you avoid accumulative errors in placement? Could components become more like shingles and overlap slightly with one another to hide small mistakes in joints?