Task 1 : Extending Case Studies_Pui Yu Cheung (Sunny)

Task 1: Extending case studies

(I) Fabrication approach - Mass assembly of parts with discrete 3D joints (#4)

(II) Precedents

(i) SunnyHills Cake Shop by Kengo Kuma

(ii) Yusuhara Wooden Bridge Museum by Kengo Kuma

(iii) Erretegia Restaurant by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP

(iv) Dragon Skin Pavilion by Emmi Keskisarja + Pekka Tynkkynen + Kristof Crolla (LEAD) and Sebastien Delagrange (LEAD)

(v) Tōdai-ji Temple

(vi) Houon-ji(temple)





(III) Precedent for extended case studies

To make it a wide tolerance design,

  • aggregate small identical parts with hidden joints to achieve organic form with the help of Fologram and Hololens.
  • modify Material thickness and angles of interlock for variation of forms and compatibility

(IV) Material and tooling
example of technique of the chosen augmented assembly fabrication system

materials: wood / polycarbonate panels

(V) proposed project

(spheres are to be replaced by panels/ rods)