The best way to create an interactive urban massing model in mixed reality

Get the Rhino Model: 2.03_Massing_Model.3dm (260.5 KB)
Get the Grasshopper example: (21.8 KB)

Create a simple massing model with site context with a few simple clicks in Fologram. This example is perfect for design discussions around different massing ideas for any building in an urban context, and allows you to quickly sketch potential options live in mixed reality. To understand and extend the example, you will need to be comfortable working with global variables and the state gate in Fologram.

The example works by tracking multiple clicks from your device on a site boundary to create a polyline that is extruded into a mass. Drawing modes, height parameters and the ability to refresh your sketch are all parameters that are synchronized on your device, so you can quickly create urban masses like Bjarke Ingels without needing to touch a laptop or pc.

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