The Hololens cannot detect the QR code

When the ‘Looking for QR Code’ screen is displayed on Fologram for HoloLens, your HoloLens will attempt to use the camera on the headset to detect the Fologram for Rhino QR code containing your PC’s IP address in order to connect to the session. The QR code will disappear and Fologram for HoloLens will display a ‘Connecting’ screen after the QR code has been detected.

If the QR code does not disappear and the ‘Connecting’ screen does not appear on Fologram for HoloLens, Fologram does not have permission to access the device camera. To change app permissions:

  1. Open the Settings app from the Home screen
  2. Go to the Privacy pane
  3. On the left hand menu, choose Camera and Microphone
  4. Scroll down to ‘Fologram’ and flick the permissions toggle.

You can also see if the camera is physically on by the white light that illuminates on the headband (ie you will need to take the headset off and look at it to see)

If you are seeing errors after the ‘Connecting’ screen see this troubleshooting article.