These incredible mirrored objects are created in augmented reality with Fologram, and this simple tool lets you design them yourself

Get the example: (13.9 KB)
Pufferfish plugin: Pufferfish on Food4Rhino

Mirror a simple geometry over and over in augmented reality to design your own beautiful and complex geometries with this easy to use tool. This is the perfect tool for designers wanting insight on how they might use AR as a platform for creativity and realize their ideas.

Augmented reality is great for fabrication and presentations, but it can also be used as a collaborative design tool. This example combines a series of simple tools together to make a powerful design example tailored to AR experiences.

This tool makes use of the Pufferfish plugin for grasshopper, and creates mirrored geometries of a starting box mesh, iteratively creating more and more complex geometry. Simply move the blue mirror plane in Fologram to your desired position, bring up the Parameters panel and hit ‘Mirror’. Repeat the process over and over again. The blue mirror plan contains a guide vector so you can visualize the direction of your mirrored object. Now you can design intricate geometries just like Michael Hansmeyer.

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