This fun tool lets you create a digital mirror of yourself with your mobile device

Get the example: 2.46 Occlusion (392.6 KB)

Use Fologram’s tracking and occlusion tools in combination to create a digital twin of yourself in augmented reality. If you’ve used our ‘Create portals to your Rhino model with Fologram’s occlusion tools’ application and want to learn how to extend this logic further, this is the perfect application for you!

Occlusions are an incredibly useful tool for AR workflows that engage physical objects with digital objects, but they can also be used in conjunction with Fologram’s tracking tools to create fun and playful applications. This example tracks the location and plane of your device, and creates a digital twin of yourself through an occluded mirror. Just tap anywhere to spawn the mirror and see your reflection instantly.

Use a mobile device and set it to ‘Near Interaction Only’ in the Settings menu to create a short pointer for the best experience using this application.

The grasshopper example records the plane from a device tap, and spawns an oval shaped portal facing the user. Surrounding the portal is a large invisible plane which has an Occlusion material applied to it in the Sync Object component. The location of your device is then mirrored, and your digital twin is oriented to the mirror plane, thus updating live to your own movements.

List this example and want to see more practical applications for occlusion materials in your workflow? Check out our ‘Learn to accurately occlude geometries behind physical objects in 5 simple steps’ to learn more!