This super cool augmented reality tool lets you wear jewellery on your hand

Get the example (HoloLens 2 only): 2.04_Wearables - Jewellery (16.5 KB)

One of the best things about mixed reality is the ability to interact with virtual objects using your hands. With Fologram and the HoloLens 2 you can track all 25 feature points of your hands in Grasshopper, and this example shows how this data can be used to preview jewelry models right on your fingers. If you’re a designer looking for a simple and fun introduction to Fologram for the HoloLens 2, you can test out your jewelry designs live in AR with this very simple example.

The grasshopper example couldn’t be more simple. Simply track your hands with Folograms tracking components, create polylines from the lists of tracked points for each finger, then orient the parametric model of the ring to this curve. Synchronized parameters in the ring model give you control over the finger, ring size, thickness and location of your ring.

Like this example but don’t have a HoloLens 2 yet? Check out our article ‘Augment a physical tool with a holographic overlay with Fologram in these 5 simple steps’ to learn more about registering objects in physical space with Fologram.

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Hi! Just to be sure, the hand tracking doesn’t work on mobile phone, right?

Hi @Bako_ko , yes you’re correct, hand tracking is a HoloLens 2 supported feature only. The way around it would be to connect a HL2 and mobile device to the same session and use a QR code to register models in the same spatial location to simulate hand tracking on a mobile device.

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