Toby Zhou Task 1 & 2

Task 1.pdf (2.5 MB)

Hi @Toby

Nice work on the precedent modelling - looks like you have got that Rhino model exactly right!

Perhaps take a look at the video Constructing curved benches from cut bricks in mixed reality from the hobart hospital brickwork and have a think about the design and fabrication documentation to see if you could further improve your own fabrication instructions. Specifically you could think about:

  1. Can you group your bricks by course and then show them one course at a time?
  2. For the current course, you could toggle between showing the full geometry of the brick, and just the top face of the brick to use as a guide during placement
  3. We tried some rotated stacking like this from glued timber blocks at a workshop a few years a go ( and it is really difficult to create the appearance of gradual twists from the the bricks because the mortar / glue inevitably shifts the bricks slightly during construction. It is also difficult to get the bricks exactly right with the holographic guide unless you work very slowly, so as a result you will have many very slight variations in the brick locations. An excellent example of a design language that minimizes the impact of small errors during stacking is from Timothy Sandy at Gramazio Kohler’s lab: - you could consider changing your brick geometry and positions in order to introduce more variation and conceal small errors.
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