Track tapping and changing state of model


Got back to Fologram after some while and I’m wondering if you have come across a solution for tracking taps at some object, like button or something, that would be connected to the .gh definition in a way that would change it somehow - i.e. add a new collumn in a row or something. I looked at the track taps component, but I don’t see how I can use the outcoming information from the node for registering the tap on the “button”.

Thanks for guidance!

Hi @Bako_ko
You can find a range of examples here: Examples - Fologram - each of these use device inputs in different ways to interact with the grasshopper definition.

In simplest terms you could connect a counter and use the incremented index every time a tap is performed. In this image tapping on a sphere adds one to the counter, which can then be used to change other geometry.

We’ve had a few people ask for Geometry Buttons that functioned in the same way as the old Track Taps component did in Fologram circa 2019 and earlier. I’ve made a little demo of how you can make this work here: Brep as a button

Ah, great! Thank you both! I was searching the forum with complety different search words!