Visualize Components of a Structure


I am trying to create a simple grasshopper script that would visualize a branch of data (could contain a brep, text, any object that can be visualized through Fologram), and would allow the user with the HoloLens to cycle through the individual branches by clicking on a UI element (any brep). I’ve looked through the example files, but am having a hard time figuring out this would be done with Fologram components.

I’m trying to create this for fabrication, with the idea that given input geometry that is structured correctly, would allow the HoloLens user to see individual assemblies within a structure and cycle through them one by one.

Any help is appreciated,

Hey @ben,

If you were happy with using the Parameters window rather than a clickable brep, then the very simple way to do this would be to use a Tree Branch component with a synchronized slider for picking the branch. The selected branch is then synchronized on your device.


201101 Selecting Tree (15.3 KB)

If you want to use taps on geometry (e.g. 3D buttons) to step through the tree branches, you can use the same pattern above but you need a way of generating the index value for the selected tree branch. There is an example of this here: Brep as a button but I’ve also patched this in here:

201101 Selecting With (23.2 KB)