Want to preview your robot’s toolpath in AR? This example simulates your robot's movements in with Fologram

Get the example: 2.32_Robotic Toolpath Preview.gh (10.7 KB)
Get the Robots plugin: https://github.com/visose/Robots

You can easily simulate the movement of your robot toolpath in augmented reality. If you’re programming robots in grasshopper, and want to quickly visualize your robot’s program, this tool provides a simple integration of the open source Robots plugin for grasshopper, and is perfect for beginner users of Fologram with experience in programming robots.

Robot toolpaths can be difficult and time consuming to program, and require rigorous checking for clashes with objects in physical space. Visualizing these simulations in augmented reality can give you a fast and simple understanding of your robot’s simulation at 1:1 in physical space, and help you avoid any errors that might occur during the running of a program.

This example uses the Robots plugin for grasshopper to create a program from a toolpath, and synchronizes the robot and toolpath to any device connected to your Fologram session. You can interactively select different types of robots, and control the simulation with a synchronized slider on your device.

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