Was Oculus Quest compatibility dropped?

I used Fologram Android at work for a few visualizations, but I was hopping to get a headset to use as proof of concept, since the smartphone visualization was not enough.

A co worker is getting a Oculus Quest 2, so I was more than happy when she said she would bring it to work when it arrived so we could test Fologram on the headset. Sadly, those kind of headset are pretty rare to get around here, and they are too expensive for my employer to buy one based on the smartphone tests.

Is there a way to still use the Quest 2 to give it a trial for real? my manager is really hyped with the capabilities of AR, but hololens 2 cost the same as 4 new computers or 2 extra solidworks licenses.

Hey @AltamiroAJ we discontinued support for VR / Quest when improvements to HoloLens 2 tracking made it possible to develop large scale construction applications (twinbuild.com).

We may look at supporting Quest again at some point in the future but it isn’t currently on our roadmap.

Hi Gwyll…is TwinBuild the technology underpinning Fologram?