When fologram components are inside a GH 'cluster' not working


I have currently a Grasshopper script → Fologram components → showing on my telephone.
However, I noticed when I group together all the fologram components inside a GH ‘cluster’, the connection is lost.
Only when I ‘open’ this cluster the connection is working again?

Question; is there a way to keep the Fologram connection working - while they are inside a cluster? (or do you know a workaround?
This so I can keep the script as clean/grouped as possible.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @knippie5
At present we don’t support any live Fologram components in clusters.

The reason for this is that it’s not possible to selectively expire components in clusters and only output changes - the whole cluster has to be expired at the top level document. This causes all haywire of repeated/unexpected updates, particularly in more complex definitions.

What are you clustering and is there a way we could make things easier with data structures?